Lelouche\'s Geass

I’m writing this review assuming those who read this have already seen the first season of Code Geass.  The story takes place one year after the ‘assassination’ of Zero and the destruction of the Black Knights.  Japan (sector 11) has returned back to a subservient position to the occupying Britannia oppressors.  There’s a lot more racial discrimination evident in this season then the last and the Britannians trust the elevens even less now after the attempted insurrection.  The elevens themselves still hold zero as a hero even after his supposed death even if it would brand them as heretics.  One theme that seems to have come to the forefront now is that of distrust.  It might just be me, but it seems to have become more prevalent. 


The episode starts with a synopsis of the last season that covers some of the main points but leaves out all of the supporting details so new viewers are bound to be lost if they start with R2.  The actual episode starts out with Villetta, now strangely enough a gym teacher at Ashford Academy, chasing an alive and well Lelouch through the halls.  After Lelouch tricks her with a cloud of colored gas he makes his escape on Rivalz’s Motorcycle with his ‘younger brother’ Rolo.  It turns out that Lelouch is planning on going to the Tower of Babel so he can once again beat stuck up adults in chess much to his brother’s protests.  Once they get there Rolo becomes agitated around all the elevens causing Lelouch to comment on the state of their treatment from an ethical standpoint.  After a little more discussion Lelouch proceeds to another room where he runs into Kallen dressed up in a bunny maid outfit.  There is no hint of recognition between the two, and as Kallen tries to slip Lelouch some unknown small device she is pulled away by a large Britannian man named going by the name of Black King.  King asserts that Kallen is his toy and he intends to purchase her prompting Lelouch to denounce the older man’s claims and challenges him to a chess match.

 Kallen in her Guren

In no time at all Lelouch checkmates King who in an attempt to save face calls Lelouch a cheater (even though you can’t cheat at chess).  King pulls a gun on Lelouch and looks like he’s ready to kill him when the whole room suddenly starts shaking.  The remnants of the Order of the Black Knights chose that time to begin an attack on the building.  Using an air blimp as cover a few Black Knight soldiers break in through the roof using their Knightmare Frames and commence with the wanton destruction.  In the confusion Kallen knocks out King and a few of the guards in a flurry of acrobatic kicks and jiggling boobs before grabbing on to Lelouch and trying to lead him away from the destruction.  Meanwhile members of the Chinese Union are meeting with the current Governor-General Carares over some negotiations outside of Babel tower when the Black Knight blimp releases colored chaff that begins to cover the top of the tower.  Back inside the tower Lelouch looses Kallen amidst a ‘cave-in’ with Rollo but doesn’t get very far before his old custom Burai crashes through a nearby wall and lands before him.  As the pilot tries to reach out to Lelouch three Britannian soldiers crashes in through some windows in Sutherlands.  The Britannians begin shooting wildly around, damaging the Burai’s left arm and killing civilians in the crossfire, and you guessed it, Lelouch escapes again.  Kallen is spending this time locating her Guren Type-02 and entering in as its pilot (go Guren!).  Lelouch ducks into a supply area with Rollo where they gain a moment of respite before a Britannian soldier appears and attempts to assassinate Lelouch, only managing to knock him down a rather large shaft before he himself was killed in an explosion.  After waking up on a tarp that broke his fall Lelouch wastes no time in making his way back up the ruin shaft to save his ‘only brother’.  What he finds instead is a room of slaughtered Britannians and Elevens.  As he’s about to loose his lunch all over the floor he notices one of the dead Elevens is clutching a photo of Zero.  Before he can even get out much of a commentary on Elevens dependency on Zero he finally realizes that the horned Burai is standing before him.  As he’s busy freaking out C.C. Reveals herself as the pilot and starts trying to convince Lelouch of his buried past and objectives he had forgotten.

 Lelouche encounters a Burai

In an obvious parody of the first season’s initial episode C.C. Is shot by the asshole commander of the Britannian troops and Lelouch catches her body mistaking her for dead.  As the commanders troops are busy frying the bodies around them with fluorescently flamboyant purple fire the commander reveals his stalker tendencies by reading a detailed report of Lelouch’s activities for that day.  He reveals to our hero that he was simply bait to bring out the witch C.C., and know that that has been accomplished its time for him to die.  As we further parody that episode from so long ago Lelouch once again emos on about needing power and answering the call we find C.C. Back from the dead to deliver a kiss that sends him back on his psychedelic trip through the cosmos and his mind.  During his ‘trip’ he realizes that his memories up till now were mere fabrications and after a memory of his conflict with Suzaku in the ruins comes to the front he remembers that he is actually Zero.  After a heated philosophical ramble with the commander Lelouch imitates the past once again and, surprise, orders all the soldiers before him to please kill themselves.  After Lelouch reaffirms his beliefs the Gurren-02 and a Gekka or two crashes through the roof where they promptly kneel before Lelouch.  Lelouch makes no attempt to hide who he is in front of his knights and outright claims to be Zero to them.  As the episode winds down we see Suzaku and some Britannian knights assembled before Charles di Britannia in what appears to be a throne room.  The last thing we see is Suzaku pledging to be the one that kills Zero.

I was really surprised with this episode.  It was confusing throughout because it seemed like a lot of peoples memories were missing, thankfully this is explained in the next episode.  It was a pretty standard episode overall, but I was really surprised that Zero didn’t even bother to hide who he was anymore.


Kneel before me