Daddy make little boy cry

Oh but it is Geass.  Remember kids just because Zero throws around wanton terrorism doesn’t mean you should too.  Here’s the second episode of Code Geass R2.  The first episode didn’t do much to catch everyone up on what had happened since the last season so this one was given the dubious position of being the catch-up episode.  I was a little bit skeptical after the first episode, but episode 2 seems to bring us back on track with plot twists and action I’ve come to expect of Code Geass.

The episode starts with some Britannian radio chatter describing the situation still going on inside Babel tower with the Black Knights.  Inside the tower Lelouch remembers the events that brought him here starting with the incident in the ruins.  After Suzaku had effortlessly disarmed Lelouch he subdued Kallen by simply confirming for her that Zero was really Lelouch which causes her to flee the scene.  He then remembers how he was finally brought before his father Charles di Britannia by Suzaku.  The Honorary Britannian shows knowledge of Lelouche’s Geass by refusing to let him get a look at his father, and requests he be made a Knight of the Round for capturing Zero.  Suzaku further breaks away from Lelouch by declaring that he would indeed sell out his friend to get one of the top Britannian military positions so he can ‘change it from the inside’.  Charles likes this quality and ascents to the request before walking up to Lelouch, his Geassed eye being covered by Suzaku, and revealing his own Geass to his son.  Lelouch is helpless as his fathers Geass hits him and re-writes his memories so he can lure out C.C.  Back in the present the witch herself assures Lelouch she didn’t give his father the Geass before he can even voice the concern.  She continues to inform him that Nunally’s whereabouts are still unknown but their maid Sayoko is currently with the Black Knight remains that now reside in the Chinese Confederation and doesn’t know Zero’s real identity.  It’s at this point that Lelouch finally realizes he doesn’t really have a brother while said fake brother encounters a group of Britannian soldiers asking for help locating his brother.  Using the notes from the dead commander Lelouch is already planning an escape from the tower.  Just as he’s noting that he has the blueprints for the tower but not the access codes a soldier in a Sutherland comes to the scene.  In yet one more parody of the first seasons opening episode Lelouch tricks the soldier into getting with Geass range where he promptly orders the soldier to give him his Knightmare and the access code.

 look, its Lancelot-lite

Outside the tower the Governor-General finally decides to take command of the battle when the Black Knights begin their counterattack.  Guilford attempts to be the one to take command but is blocked when Calares states he doesn’t like the spices offered by Chinese cuisine and takes his leave.  Back in the tower Lelouch is giving out pinpoint orders to his soldiers who follow through with deadly accuracy despite not knowing what they’re actually firing at (oldie but a goodie).  As the confusion within the Britannian troops grows and their numbers plummet one of the Black Knights has the presence of mind to sate he had no idea Zero was really a student, but waves it off saying it really does makes a difference.  In a dark control room Lelouch takes a minute to gloat over his assured victory before Kallen speaks up from his side, saying she’s glad she’s finally alone with him and punctuates the statement by pulling a gun on him.  The scene switches to Charles talking with Suzaku about Zero, the Geass witches, and the fact that Suzaku is the first Knight of the Round to come this far with him.  After more talking and walking Suzaku finds himself on a platform in the clouds.  Charles explains that it’s not a temple or anything like that, but a ‘weapon against a god’ called the sword of Akasha.  Back with our intrepid heroes Kallen with gun in hand tries to find out if Zero ever used his power on her, and if he did, did he do it to gain her loyalty.  Lelouch assures her he wouldn’t have done that and though Kallen doesn’t seem to fully believe him she confirms that she’s glad to follow zero no matter what.  In a quirky twist she declares to her there’s still a difference between Lelouch and zero, and she doesn’t trust Lelouch.  C.C. brakes up their touching reunion when she radios in that the Britannians are amassing more forces outside.   Taking everything in stride Zero shows his confidence by declaring with this his victory is assured.  C.C. is shown to be using a Burai to plant explosives somewhere along the tower’s shaft when Lelouch starts getting reports from his panicked soldiers before mysteriously being cut off.  The scene switches to a large room where Kallen, Lelouch, and Urabe are situated in their Knightmares as Lelouch tries to figure out how the enemy is taking down his troops.

 Zero can\'t get enough of Lucky Star

It’s finally revealed that the Knights have been getting destroyed by a lone mass-production type Lancelot (Vincent). Two of the knights spot it and are ordered to destroy it before it disappears.  Before the order can be carried out the Vincent begins rapidly destroying more of the Knights.  It finally reaches the area with Zero and incapacitates Urabe and Kallen in a flash when they charge it.  Seeing this Zero realizes its no physical thing that causes its disappearance.  Urabe engages the Vincent and tries to save Zero by performing hara-kiri on the enemy Knightmare, taking it down with him.  After the explosion subsides and the smoke clears the Vincent stands relatively unharmed and ready for more.  Realizing the danger still presented to Zero Kallen tires to sacrifice herself as well to give him a chance at escaping when C.C. comes over the intercom with a message that halts the reckless suicide.  C.C.’s radios in that the plan is ready causing Zero to finally kick into gear.  Relieved, Zero declares Urabe’s sacrifice to not be in vain as he presses the detonation button for the explosives.  The explosives cut the tower in half, sending it plummeting to the street below where Carares’ command vehicle is waiting, crushing it and killing him and the remaining Britannian troops below.  Its chaos inside Britannia’s Command post and Guilford quickly assumes command of the situation by starting preparations for a search and rescue.  Before he can even start issuing orders Zero’s image is spontaneously broadcast on all available monitors.  While everyone is shocked to see Zero again he wastes no time in declaring his disgust at the injustice that continues to happen and he has come back, saddened.  Zero continues by stating he will continue to rebel as long as the strong oppress the weak.  In no time at all the signal Zero is transmitting is found to be coming from the Chinese embassy and Guilford realizes that Zero must have used the fallen Babel Tower to reach the there without notice.  Zero concludes his message by stating he is re-forming the United States of Japan starting with the room he’s standing in.  This episode leaves us with the Vincent landing in front of the Chinese Embassy with (who guessed it?) Rollo disembarking from the Knightmare to stand before Xingke.  Rollo states that he has an ambiguous position in this war but he is definitely there to kill Zero, a Geass flash in his right eye punctuating his statement.

All in all this is what I’ve come to expect, plenty of action, gratuitous death, and Zero being Zero.  So far this series lives up to its predecessor and I expect good things in the future.  I’m not really pleased that there’s in essence another Lancelot flying around when one was more than enough.  The mecha battles look like they’re going to be getting even more over the top then before, but I’m pretty sure this series left reality in its tracks a long time ago. 9/10

Someone has pink eye!