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Code Geass R2: Episode 02 Review

Daddy make little boy cry

Oh but it is Geass.  Remember kids just because Zero throws around wanton terrorism doesn’t mean you should too.  Here’s the second episode of Code Geass R2.  The first episode didn’t do much to catch everyone up on what had happened since the last season so this one was given the dubious position of being the catch-up episode.  I was a little bit skeptical after the first episode, but episode 2 seems to bring us back on track with plot twists and action I’ve come to expect of Code Geass.

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Code Geass: R2 episode 01 Review

Lelouche\'s Geass

I’m writing this review assuming those who read this have already seen the first season of Code Geass.  The story takes place one year after the ‘assassination’ of Zero and the destruction of the Black Knights.  Japan (sector 11) has returned back to a subservient position to the occupying Britannia oppressors.  There’s a lot more racial discrimination evident in this season then the last and the Britannians trust the elevens even less now after the attempted insurrection.  The elevens themselves still hold zero as a hero even after his supposed death even if it would brand them as heretics.  One theme that seems to have come to the forefront now is that of distrust.  It might just be me, but it seems to have become more prevalent.  Read more…

Soul Eater: Intro synopsis and episode 01 Review

Maka from the Intro

Soul Eater is a new anime of the spring 2008 season that started on April 7th and is produced by Bones, based on the manga by Atsushi Okubo.  This title was a delightful surprise for me on many levels and is definitely my #1 title for the season so far.  The story is about the two main characters Maka and Soul trying to collect 99 corrupted souls and one powerful witch soul, and the other teams trying to achieve the same goal.  Soul is actually a weapon, a person that can transform between a human form and a weapon form to reap souls and the like.  Maka is his Meister, a person that uses the weapon to reap souls so it can become the next Death Scythe, the personal weapon of Shinigami-sama who is the leader of their city as well as being the grim reaper.  Maka and Soul along with other Meister/weapon combos that join the cast attend a school where they must participate in normal school activities as well as keeping the world safe all the while trying to achieve the status as the next Death Scythe.  Episode review follows. Read more…